Another month gone by

Wow I’m only posting things once a month.  That’s sad.  I’m not sure why.  Lack of time?  Not focused on being a writer anymore?  A combination of both those but mostly lazy.  Maybe it’s cause not much happens weekly, even less daily.  Pretty boring life.

Let’s see what’s been happening.  the weight loss has slowed some.  I lost a few more lbs since the last posting.  Now weigh 50 lbs less.  That’s been a big change.  I continue to work on replacing my fence around my backyard.  There is no way I could do that if I stilled weighed 277 lbs.  Not in the Texas heat we’ve had lately.  I continue to play hockey at least once per week and we are signing up for a D league this summer, starts on July 14.

So what’s this about not being a writer?  Yes I’ve stopped my subscription to Writers Digest and really haven’t been doing anything in regards to writing.  Except this blog.  My focus now is on music production.  I’ve been gathering lyric ideas to go with all the guitar riffs I have.  And I’ve pulled out some old song demos with the plan to dust them off and maybe rerecord and add lyrics.  I’m still a member of BMI but I have only one song registered with them.  An old song from 2001 called O.B.L.  It’s a song about Osama Bin Laden and was written a couple of days after September 11.  The lyrics came to me in the shower.  Was pretty easy writing.  Then I added a folk song guitar accompaniment to the lyrics and recorded before I would forget it.  Pretty cheesy 16 years later.

Anyway my focus these days is on my fence, playing hockey, watching my calorie intake and working on my music.  And of course dealing with the day to day issues that come up with the family.

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