A Month Later…

A little over a month ago was my last posting.  Let’s see… what’s been going on.

Well my youngest son was in the hospital after passing out while driving.  The cause seems to be low blood sugar due to over exertion and lack of hydration.  That was two days in the hospital and the bills are starting to roll in.

File May 19, 2 38 38 PM

The day before that happened my oldest son was in a hit and run car accident.  Some asshole pulled out onto street to go left and clipped the rear end of my son’s car spinning him 360 degrees and into a tall curb.  It totaled the car.  A car that was paid for and ran good.  I got $3300 for that.  There is no way I can find a comparable car for $3300.  So that sucked.

I had to spend a couple of weeks in Virginia for work.  I got to come home for the weekend in between the two weeks but it still sucked.

On a positive note I have lost a total of 47 pounds as of today.  That is since January 6th.  Clothes are getting looser, energy is getting better.  I’ve started playing hockey again.

File May 19, 2 39 20 PM

With the extra energy I’m able to work on stuff around the house.  so I’ve been working on replacing my fence.  I bought a miter saw and table and I’ve been working on one section at a time every weekend.

File May 19, 2 37 41 PM

Finally, I sold my dirt bike.  My 2002 YZ426F is gone.  It was time.  It was a pain to maintain and we only went riding twice last year.  It freed up a lot of space in my garage, space that is now occupied by my miter saw.

It’s been a hell of a month.

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