All My Heroes Are Leaving

File Mar 18, 7 05 58 PMGetting old is not fun as is, but having to watch all your Heroes you worshiped or followed or cared about start passing away makes it even more difficult.  Of course watching family, aunts and uncles, maybe a parent leave this mortal coil is certainly devastating but second is watching your heroes pass.  Today we lost a guitar Hero for many guitarist, Chuck Berry has passed on.

I can remember being a child and watching my mom on the piano, or my cousins and their band, play Johnny B. Goode.  That’s what we did on a Saturday night in Louisiana and you were dirt poor farmers.  The family got together and jammed.  Chuck Berry tunes, Jerry Lee Lewis tunes, that’s what I remember and that is where I got the music bug.

My favorite Chuck Berry album is London Chuck Berry Sessions.  One side live, he was opening for Pink Floyd believe or not, and one side studio.  The live side showed what a great performer and crowd pleaser Chuck was.  Here Chuck was, in London, playing in front of Pink Floyd fans and he won them over.  Reelin’ and a Rockin’, My Ding-a-ling and of course finishing up with Johnny B. Goode were all powerful and enthusiastic.  I can pretty much sing/talk the whole My ding-a-ling song, that’s how much I listened to that album.  The studio side is great too, containing five great boogie woogie and blues numbers.  Just a great album.

Rest in Peace Chuck Berry.

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