A Nice bookend to the weekend

IMG_7626Sunday is usually pretty dead as far as planned activities.  Today though was a day for family.  I started the day with breakfast with the wife and our 2 year old grandson.  He is entertaining though a bit headstrong when he gets an idea in his head.  About mid morning my oldest, and father of said grandson, texted asking if I wanted to go see the movie Logan.  Sure why not.

Logan is the latest Marvel movie so of course I’m going to like it regardless but the story was compelling.  I won’t give away the movie ending but the characters are based in the Marvel Universe even though the story is not.  It’s completely out of sync with the MU.  But it was good.  NOT a kid movie.  Language and blood, lots of blood.

After the movie we had plans for the 3 sons and wives/girlfriends to come over and cook steak and chicken on the grill to celebrate the oldest’s 27th birthday.  All 3 sons were present, we were missing only one girlfriend and one step-grandson.  It was enjoyable grilling for them and watching them interact.  They rarely spend time talking with each other, I want them to stay close and be able to text and talk to each other.  Something I don’t do with my own 3 brothers.

The day wound down with catching up on recorded TV shows with the wife.  And now off to read some of my book – Horizon by Tabitha Lord.

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