WordPress eh?

I miss blogging.  I was blogging when blogging was unknown (May 2000) and us bloggers were a small community that followed each other and gave comments to each other.  Hell I’m still friends with a number of bloggers on Facebook and Twitter when we all made the leap to mainstream social media.  But I miss it.  Sharing my thoughts and opinions with a few followers and reading their thoughts and opinions was something I looked forward to daily.  Reading about peoples lives as they evolved from single to married to families and such.  I blogged religiously.  I had my own domain and the name evolved from “Bits and Feces” to just “Ozone Ferd”.  I wish I still had all those postings.  That was 10 years, I think, of journaling with pictures and thoughts. I nuked it all and shut it down.  A shame.    *sigh*

So I found this WordPress app sitting in my purchased list on the iTunes store.  I downloaded the app to my iPad and here we are.  Let’s see where this takes me.  Its a new dawn and this is my Bits of Feces.

If you want to know a bit more about me check out my About page.

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