I bought a Nook. Actually bought two. On sale this week, the HD+ with 32 Gb is $179. Couldn’t pass that up. I’ve officially quit using my ipad except for this one magazine subscription that I paid for annually up front. No way to cancel it until next year renewal. I’m liking the nook. It does exactly what I need, no more no less. My ipad was filled with apps that I never used. The nook, I’m finding, is a great reader, great social media reader, and with ability to use google apps from the Playstore, I’m all set. One surprise, it came with a Microsoft office lite version for reading documents but with $15 I can get the full blown version. I think I’m going to take that offer.

Why switch from ipad you may ask? I have an ipad 1. Bought it way back in 2009. So you can imagine how slow it is and apps were starting crash regularly. And i just couldn’t bring myself to spending another $750 or so just to read books and magazines and comic books. So the nook is perfect. And the wife got one too.

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