Iron Man 3…

I know this movie is making money hand over fist but I’ve also heard that comic book aficionados don’t particularly care for it.  I’m a comic book geek and I thought it was OK but disappointing.

I can see why a lot of true blue comic book geeks would not like it.  It’s blasphemy what they did to the Mandarin.  Just blasphemy.  That is not the Mandarin from the comic books.  Certainly no the Arch-foe that is prominent in the comics.  They were able to weave in Advanced Idea Mechanics (A.I.M.) though A.I.M. isn’t A.I.M. without MODOK leading the bee keepers right? (wink wink).  And they threw in extremis which is pretty recent Iron Man stuff.  I’ll have to go back and reread the issues with extremis to see just how close to the story they stayed.  Maya was definitely the Dr. that came up with the stuff and she did sleep with Stark.  But then who doesn’t.  Iron Patriot is not Iron Patriot without Norman Osbourne, Nuff said.  So it seems like they pulled story lines and characters from different years and created a mashup Iron Man story that rambled.

So as a comic book geek I gotta give it an average 3 star movie.  It’s got some excitement but the villain is disappointing.  The Mandarin is just…. ugh.  Disappointing.  Go see it though.  It’s entertaining if you aren’t aware of the Iron Man history.

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