Start Me UP

I’ve got to ask myself, am I’m really wanting to get back into blogging?

I was blogging before blogging was cool (2004 or 2005, I forget). Had my own website ( It’s gone, closed down, but for 5 or 6 years I had a nice little journal of my life. Unfortunately I deleted all that history and information along with the blog. I regret that. I’ve started a blog here on blogger at least twice before, deleted them. After a month I quit. Just wasn’t like before when all my friends blogged and we shared information and music and all kinds of things. It was a community. Facebook was the death of blogging in my opinion. By the way I was on Facebook before Facebook was cool, back when Facebook was more like LinkedIn is today. And I had a MySpace account too, though I never really got into the MySpace thing all that much.

So “Ozone Ferd”, what the hell does that mean? In high school it was a nickname bestowed on me by my best friend based on our proclivity to partake in substances that rendered our judgement impaired. These days it’s an easy userid for all the various places I need to provide a userid because no one would ever use it. I’m sure if you google ozoneferd you’ll find a number of sites, flickr, soundcloud, etc. It’s also become a way of life, a mantra. Something unexpected happens to me – that’s ozone ferd.

So there you go, first posting in blog Mark 4.0. I think this is about the 4th time. Oh wait, I did have a tumblr account once too. Maybe this is Ozone Ferd blog Mark 5.0. Anyway will see how long this one last.

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